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Our philosophy:

For 5 years, we give students from all over the world an opportunity to receive an international education. During this time, thanks to the educational programs of UniSchool, more than 3000 students from all over the world have fulfilled their dream of studying in Europe.

We have gathered the best specialists in education and created a convenient service to make studying abroad available to every Student anywhere in the world!

Our platform enables students from all over the world to easily reserve and become a member of UniSchool programs in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic without overpayment. You no longer need to look for information about studying abroad, overpay for a visa and spend time on bank transfers - you can take the first step towards international education right now without leaving home.

Our team
Head Office
Engaged in the development and implementation of educational programs. Here we generate ideas, open new areas of studies and make international education available to students from all over the world.
Visa Department
It consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience in visa matters. The task of the visa department is a high-quality preparation of students for obtaining a visa and verification of the full package of documents, which increases the chances of receiving a positive visa decision.
Program coordination department
Every year, over 1000 students are trained in our programs, and a strong UniSchool coordination department monitors the process, ensuring the quality of program delivery.
Curatorial Department
Curatorial Department conducts the program in accordance with UniSchool quality standards. Our curators help in resolving the issues that arise and maintaining constant contact with students throughout the program duration.
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Foreign language study and travel in Europe

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