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Where to start?

First, select a country and an educational program. If you are still in doubt or if you have any questions, our team will help you, just fill in the contact form or order a call. Once the program is chosen, you shall sign in and enter the personal account for Reservation. Full payment for the program, as well as all visa paperwork are made in the personal account. You can also track the status of your Reservation and get the necessary information on the visa and the program in your personal account, while the user-friendly interface and tips will help you not to get confused.

How can I get a hard copy of the Agreement?

While reserving the programs on our site, you shall agree to the terms of UniSchool and the terms of our site use - this is the Agreement. All the checkmarks you put have the same legal effect as a signature and stamp. if you need a hard copy, you can download or print the Reservation Terms and the Agreement.

How can I pay for the program?

In order to reserve the course, it is enough to make a 15% advance payment after signing in. The full payment for the course shall be made in your personal account, where all data is securely protected. You no longer need to stand in a queue at the bank and transfer money, the online system will help you to quickly and effortlessly pay for the program without leaving home. After payment, the confirmation of payment will be sent to your email. Therefore, you can be sure that your payment has been accepted.

Are there any hidden extra charges?

Our programs are comprehensive, i.e., they do not imply additional services or costs associated expressly with the course. In addition to any of the programs, you purchase insurance and a flight ticket, which can be uploaded to your personal account. A compulsory consular fee for visa processing shall be paid when submitting documents.

Can I come to your office?

Everything can be done online!
For your convenience, we have moved the whole Reservation and documentation process online. You can pay for your course, get the support of specialists and handle the visa paperwork without leaving home. Our head office is located in Prague, where our team is directly involved in organizing and preparing the programs, but you can always contact any of our departments by mail.

What documents are required for registration?

To reserve the program, you just need to fill in the registration form and make a 15% advance payment. The list of all necessary documents and templates is available in the personal account for your convenience. You do not need to search for information about the necessary documents, references and correct filling in, you just need to enter your personal account, where we have collected all the necessary information with examples and tips.

How to get a visa?

You can track the entire visa process in your personal account: from the list of necessary documents and their forms to the purchase of a ticket and insurance.
Our Visa Department specialists will prepare a student for the interview and check the availability and correctness of all documents before submission to the Consulate, absolutely free. Follow our guidelines and tips in your personal account and you can easily get a visa for the entire duration of the program.

When should you start preparing documents for the program?

Everything depends on the program itself and the period of visa application If you choose a short-term program, the Reservation shall be made not later than 1.5 months before the start of the program. For long-term programs, the processing of visa documents can take from 2 to 6 months, so it is better to start preparing documents as early as possible. For more information, please contact our visa section.

Is it true that the education is free?

-Yes, higher education in state universities of Czech Republic is free, the payment has to be made only by students getting education in foreign languages, such as English. In Germany, free education is available only in certain federated states. The education in universities of Poland is paid, but it is the most affordable education in Europe with European quality standards. You can find out more about training programs for admission and conditions here.

We would like to get higher education in Europe, is it possible to learn a language with a blank slate?

B1-B2 language level is necessary to qualify for universities of the Czech Republic and Poland, These languages belong to the Slavic group, which makes it easier to master the material. The training course lasts an average of 9 months and is designed to provide high-quality language training for the entrance exams meant for students with zero level of language proficiency. B1-B2 level is required for enrolling in Schtudinkolleg course in Germany. If your language proficiency is below this level, then you should take a training language course, which is available for you here.

Where do you take the teachers?

The education quality is of great importance for us, therefore we give a high priority to the choice of teachers. Our program faculty mainly includes qualified teachers of our partner European universities.

Where can I find the schedule?

While reserving the UniSchool programs, you can check out the total hours of foreign language and additional course subjects, as well as the activities under rapid adaptation program. A detailed schedule will be available to the student in the personal account a few days before the arrival.

How are the classes organized?

All our programs are run at accredited educational institutions with experienced native language teachers. Thanks to modern teaching methods, students acquire profound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, improve their speaking proficiency, acquire writing skills. Learn more about each course here.

Where do students live?

The participants of our programs live in public and private student hostels, which meet all the conditions of learning and living. Learn more about the accommodation conditions here.

Is it safe to send the child to the school?

We take maximum measures to secure your child. Many years of experience helped us to create an efficient coordination department, which not only deals with the organizational matters, but also maintains close contacts with parents throughout the program. Read the reviews of teachers and parents here.

Are the children insured?

A student shall buy a medical insurance to take part in any UniSchool program. You can choose and buy insurance in the personal account online, making the registration process faster and easier.

If your child needs medical assistance

Every child included in the program shall have an insurance covering medical expenses abroad (the insurance terms can be provided by an insurance company). If during the stay under the program the student gets ill, the curator shall inform the parents and escort him/her to the hospital.

How can you send a minor to the program?

The program Reservation and execution of documents is carried out online in your personal account, where you can check the payment, the correctness of filling the documents and get all the necessary information about the beginning of the course. For security purposes, you can also request the airline to provide the escort and our curators will meet the child at the airport.

How much cash should you be giving to a child, and what is the best way to carry it safely? What should you do if the child runs out of money?

We recommend giving a student a small amount of cash (in Euro), and keeping the rest on a bank card. This will not only keep the money safe, but will also enable the parent to control the child’s expenses and replenish his/her card.

Will the students be able to work alongside their studies?

The main activity of students during the training program is learning, so they can earn some money after school. In Europe, many organizations provide special places for outside employment for several hours a day without prejudice to training, so the student can always make money for personal expenses.

Who will meet the child at the airport, if he/she flies alone?

Our curators meet students at the airport and accompany them to their place of residence, and in the future they help the student to adapt and get acquainted with the new city and the country. You can contact the coordinator department at office@unischool.net

What should be done, if the child lost a passport?

The first step is to contact our UniSchool Department and inform it about the loss. Next, you should contact the embassy with a statement of loss. In case of short-term programs, the embassy issues a certificate of loss and a travel document, the student will restore the passport at home with this document. If the loss of passport happened to a long-term program student, the passport will be restored by the Embassy in the host country. The new passport data shall be transferred to the UniSchool coordination department.

Who is watching my child during the program?

The curators and the coordinator department, who always keep in touch with the parents, as well as send information about the student’s attendance and progress every month, monitor the safety during the child’s stay on the program. If you have any questions during the program, you can always contact the coordination department office@unischool.net

Can I call someone to find out how my child is going on?

We provide students with a sim card with a starting balance for calls and mobile Internet so that the student could keep in touch with their parents and classmates throughout the program. Also, you can always send any question of interest to a helpline for parents.

How do you recruit curators?

Most of the curators are students of our past programs, who have a good knowledge of our programs from inside and help students throughout the studies.

How many curators are involved in the program and where do they live?

At long-term training programs, student management is provided by UniSchool coordination department. According to UniSchool standards, during vacation programs 1 curator is provided for a group of 20-30 students. There are duty curators living in the hostel.

Can the relatives take the child home during the program? Can the parents visit him/her at school?

It is very important for us to provide the child with full program in a proper quality. We strive to ensure comfort and safety and do not give the child to friends, colleagues or relatives without prior approval. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the parent can always withdraw the child from the program without requiring compensation and redress for the missed events (see Agreement).

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