Education in Germany

Admission to universities and Studienkollegs in Germany
An obligatory step for enrollment to a state or private university in Germany is pre-university training in a specialized state institution - Studienkolleg.

UniSchool programs are designed for entering universities and Studienkollegs and provide an opportunity for everyone to fulfill their dream of higher education in Germany.
Course length
september — may
Coordination of admission to Studienkolleg
  • Consultation and individual selection of Studienkollegs and preparation of an admission program
  • Familiarization with the procedure for admission
  • Online and telephone consultations for successful enrollment in Studienkolleg
  • Inspection, preparation, and filing of documents in Studienkolleg
  • Registration on Web portals for students (Uni-assist, hochschulestart, etc.)
  • Filling applications for submission to Studienkolleg, according to the requirements of the selection committee
  • Communication, as well as receiving and sending documents from Studienkolleg
  • Providing detailed information on entrance exams (date, place, required documents)
  • Recommendations on preparing for exams
  • Number of applications to Studienkollegs - 3 (The fee for each additional Studienkolleg shall be paid separately).
Preparation for admission to German universities
  • Consultation and selection of individual universities, based on the wishes of the student
  • Providing information on entrance exams and admission procedure
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of documents to the university
Assistance in Accommodation
  • Provision of housing information
  • Assistance in the selection and Reservation of student accommodation
Visa Services
  • Verification of documents for a visa
  • Visa consultation services on delivery of documents
  • Assistance in obtaining the insurance certificate
  • Opening a blocked account
  • Filling the visa application forms
  • Compiling biographies and motivational letter
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Designed specially for entering German universities
Thanks to modern teaching methods used by Studienkollegs in Germany, students acquire profound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, undergo a course of specialized subjects necessary for admission to local universities.
Qualified teachers, native speakers
Studienkollegs in Germany are renowned for their quality in training students and are very attentive to the choice of teachers! The teaching staff is represented by qualified teachers of European and German universities.
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