Higher education in Europe

Higher education in Europe is easy and affordable

Higher education in Europe long ago ceased to be a luxury. Due to proper and comprehensive training, foreign students are entitled to free education and a scholarship in European universities The education received in Europe, is recognized throughout the world and opens up great prospects for career growth.

If you are willing to study in the best European universities, travel, take an internship and work in major companies around the world, UniSchool training programs will help you take the first step towards your dreams.

of education in Europe.
  • Career growth

  • Quality of life

  • Wages

  • Worldwide recognition

  • Knowledge of languages

  • Opportunities for exchange

Czech Republic
Free education
Education in Czech in public universities of the Czech Republic is absolutely free for all students, including foreign ones. Only a language course is required for admission. It will help the Student to quickly learn Czech and enter the university.
Affordable prices
Studying and living in the Czech Republic is much cheaper than in other European countries, while the level and quality of life are among the highest in Europe.
Practice and employment prospects
Universities pay high attention to practice and internships, and also help a Student in future employment. The Czech Republic has one of the lowest unemployment rates (0.09%), which allows a university graduate to be confident in employment after training.
The European Diploma
Diplomas of Czech universities are recognized in all European countries, and the credit system of control and accounting of ECTS students academic work allows continuing studies at any university in the European Union.
Are you willing to study in the Czech Republic?

UniSchool has created special university preparation programs, which include a language training course and additional subjects. Our programs are distinguished by the quality of students' training and significantly increase the chances of admission to public and private universities in the Czech Republic.

City Prague
Hours 600 ac.hours
Length September - May
Level Zero / Beginner
Language Czech
Affordable European education
The cost of higher education in Poland is lower than in other European countries, the level of education corresponds to international standards for classification of education (ISCED), and the diplomas of Polish universities are recognized throughout Europe without additional confirmation
Admission without examination
In order to enter most of the Polish universities, the applicant does not need to pass exams, you only need to have a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree for the Master’s program. One of the express conditions for enrollment is proficiency in Polish or English at a level not lower than B1 - B2.
Low cost of living
Accommodation is much cheaper in Poland than in other EU countries. Thus, the Student’s monthly expenses amount to 300-400 Euro, which makes living and education in Poland one of the most affordable in Europe.
High-quality education and training across Europe
Polish Universities rank high among the world’s higher educational establishments, and such universities as Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University of Technology, are among the best universities in Europe. Thanks to such a program as Erasmus, EILC students take internships and exchange experience with experts from the leading European research and educational centers.
Are you willing to enroll in a Polish university?

UniSchool programs allow students to enroll directly in Polish universities
or undergo the necessary training for successful admission.

City -
Hours -
Length -
Level Zero / Beginner
Language -
City Warsaw
Hours 900 ac.hours
Length October - June
Level Zero / Beginner
Language Polish
City Warsaw
Hours 600 ac.hours
Length October - June
Level Zero / Beginner
Language English
City Warsaw
Hours 400 ac.hours
Length January - June
Level Zero / Beginner
Language English
Free higher education
Foreign students are given an opportunity to study for free at state universities in German. To enter the university, you must go through the training program and confirm a B2 language level.
Quality of education
Many German Universities are included in the world rankings of universities, because they are famous for their practical approach to learning. In their turn, the state and private companies invest heavily in research and university development, supporting and raising the quality of higher education throughout Germany.
Large selection of specialties
Almost 428 German universities have state accreditation and offer about 18,498 specialties of different academic levels: bachelor, master, postgraduate
Career prospects
Many foreign graduates of German universities quickly found work in German or international companies. Also, during their studies, students have an opportunity to sign an agreement with German, European or American companies operating not only throughout Germany.
Are you willing to study in Germany?

UniSchool programs are designed to successfully enter a Studienkolleg for language learning and comprehensive Student preparation for admission to state universities in Germany

City -
Hours -
Length September - May
Level Zero / Beginner
Language -
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