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Without overpayment

You reserve the course directly at UniSchool, which provides low cost programs. In order to reserve a course you do not have to pay for the whole program at once, it is enough to deposit an advance payment of 25% and you will be enrolled in the course.

Registration from anywhere in the world

We work online with students from all over the world. Our platform has already helped to educate thousands of students from around the world. The whole process of Reservation, payment, and paperwork occurs online, you do not need to go anywhere and lose time and money to find the necessary information!

Personal account for the Student
and parents

The personal account of UniSchool Student is multifunctional. All information about payments and the status of the Reservation, the signed Agreement, as well as the necessary documents for the visa and enrollment for the course shall be stored in the personal account. Here you can visually see all the processes from the Reservation stage to the start of training. Your personal data is securely protected and is always at hand.

Free advice
and support at all stages

Specialists in education, visa issues, program coordinators and group curators - each member of our team is ready to render free help on any issue, which makes the application process for programs incredibly convenient and profitable.

Don't know what to choose? How to apply for a visa? We are always happy to help and find a program just for you!

Verification of documents for visa

Visa is one of the most important issues for students. Our visa department experts helped to issue more than 2,000 visas absolutely free of charge, and handy tips and instructions in your personal account will not let you get confused when collecting the documents.

Work on the basis of leading universities

We cooperate only with the accredited European educational institutions. Our programs are created together with the best public and private universities in Europe and are conducted on their basis, which guarantees the high-quality of each UniSchool program.

No paper agreements
and bank transfers

The whole process of Reservation, payment, and processing takes place online. While Reservation courses on our platform, students confirm the UniSchool Agreement and, if necessary, can download or print it from their personal account. The payment is made directly through the payment system.

Focus on security
and parent Helpline

We pay high attention to safety, so our supervisors and the coordination department always keep in touch with both students and their parents. If you have any questions about attending the program, class schedule, or just want to find out what a student has to put into the suitcase - the hotline for parents is available for you.

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How to reserve
a UniSchool program
25% advance payment and free cancellation of the Reservation

The advance payment shall make part of the full cost of the program. You will receive a confirmation of your Reservation and check. Reservations can be canceled free of charge for 3 days (the deposit will also be immediately returned to you). The total cost of the program shall be paid in the Student’s personal account.

Admission to the course
and registration of documents
for visa

After the advance payment, you will be enrolled in the course and you will have access to your personal account. We will prepare the necessary confirmations for the visa and as soon as the documents are ready, they will appear in your personal account and you will receive an email notification. Further preparation of documents for a visa will be held in a personal account and supported by specialists of our visa department.

Preparation for the beginning
of the course and arrival

Cheers, you’ve got the visa! And now you can begin to prepare for the trip. Don't forget to bring your passport, insurance, air tickets, pocket money. You will find a more detailed list in your personal account in "My Documents" section.

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